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Conditions Treated

Exeter Back Pain Clinic has a reputation for accurate, gentle and thorough treatments

Are you? Unable to turn your neck easily? Unable to rise easily? Unable to sit comfortably? Unable to put sock and shoes on easily? Have you? Stomach or gut ache that doesn't go away? Shoulder, wrist or knee pain that's been there for ages? Odd 'dizzy' feelings?

Do you have? Headaches, Chronic (a long time) tiredness a lack of energy, Poor sleep, Difficult temperment - highs and/or just lows? Most if not ALL of these condition are FIXABLE without lots of effort or expense

Conditions which also respond well to treatments are:

Low backpain and referred sciatic, pelvic and leg pain. Pain in the thoracic spine, (shoulder blades) and referred around the rib cage.

Injuries, whiplash, torticollis stiffness, referred shoulder and arm pain.

Shoulder. Elbow (tennis and golfers). Wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome)

Stress and tension
Headaches and some migraines. General tiredness, low energy and Stress

Referred pain
Numbness, tingling pins and needles in limbs

Injuries in sports
Hobbies or interests in particular Strained knees and Sprained ankles

Back, neck or joint pains

Snoring and Insomnia

Other Treatable Conditions:
General aches and pain, Frozen shoulder and hiatus hernia, Repetitive Strain Injury (R.S.I), Irritable Bowel syndrome, Chronic Fatique Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperacitivity Disorder (ADHD), Allergies, Diverticulosis , Bells Palsy, Irritablity.

Allergy Testing
Simple none invasive effective



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