The Back Pain Clinic Practice Exeter Background

Full medical history and any previous treatments

Remedial & Gentle Soft Tissue Massage:

Used to free off muscle spasm and reduce ligament strain and mobilize large and small 'joint fixations'. It also induces blood flow and helps the body's own self-healing process.

Precise Adjustive Techniques:

After thorough remedial soft tissue - gentle mobilization and only where necessary. These comfortable techniques are used to help `free-off' `facet-joint' fixations causing pressure and pain on the nerves surrounding them.


Very gentle but easily understood muscle testing therapy which greatly enhances accurate diagnosis of specific problems. Also used in a more advanced form to actually treat a variety of conditions.

Trigger Point Therapy:

Another specific pressure point treatment to reduce nerve pain and relax surrounding tissue.

Celloid Minerals:

Same minerals as the body itself uses to help self-heal i.e. Calcium Potassium Iron.

Self-Help Advice

To help contain and balance any long-term chronic conditions.

Local X-ray. Scan available when and where necessary.

Other Treatable Conditions
General tiredness and stress
Frozen shoulder and hiatus hernia
Repetitive Strain Injury (R.S.I)
Irritable Bowel syndrome
Chronic Fatique Syndrome
Attention Deficit Hyperacitivity Disorder (ADHD)
Bells Palsy

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